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The 2011 Vintage Port was bottled in October, 2013. It is an old-vines field blend with 110 grams per liter of residual sugar. This didn't open the way young Duorum usually does, but then it has had time to settle a bit in bottle. While it did have that fantastic wave of fruit that I've come to look for, the power lurking underneath emerged fast. There is steel underneath the fruit and sugar, and quite a lot of it. This tightened so much, so quickly that it became a bit austere. There's a lot going on here and it all seems pretty good. Its baby fat days are already over. After decanting it for three hours and then double decanting it for another three hours, it started drinking pretty well and seemed perfectly balanced, sensually textured and quite delicious. Do yourself a favor and sock this away to around 2030 for better results. It may not be quite at peak then, but it should be a lot closer. Note: As of this writing, this was only released in Europe. Presumably that will change.

Rating: 94
Reviewed by: Mark Squires
Issue Date: 29th Jun 2015
Source: 219, The Wine Advocate


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