"Our purpose is to be a reference for Portuguese wines at international level by conferring a particular identity to different wines in which consumers can rely on.

We also wish to offer all our clients in different countries wines that best represent each Portuguese region and are a quality symbol of our products from Alentejo, Tejo, Beiras, Douro and Vinho Verde."


Creating a wine is an art that we have been perfecting for centuries.

Rarely is a good wine the result of chance. My experience as winemaker has taught me that a wine reflects the nature of the earth from which it is born and of those who produce it.

Creating a wine is an art that we have been perfecting in Portugal for centuries, nowadays reinforced by systematic, documented knowledge and improved methods.

Skill, experience and technology enable us to improve, with a high level of precision, the different factors that influence the personality of a wine.

For me, helping Portugal´s natural potential in this area to shine by creating and reinventing each wine is a passion that I now have the pleasure of introducing to you and sharing with you in each wine that I make.


The winery in Vinho Verde region was built and the first João Portugal Ramos Alvarinho was released in Portugal and also abroad.
A new project in Vinho Verde region designed for international markets.
The Duorum is an innovative project in the Douro region set up by two highly respected Portuguese winemakers, João Portugal Ramos and José Maria Soares Franco.
They established the project in 2007 with the aim of producing the highest quality wines from some of the best terroir in the region, and planted over 150 hectares of vines with carefully selected varieties of indigenous grapes.  
The company built a brand new winery which stands as a testament to João Portugal Ramos commitment to the region. The winery is the most sophisticated in Almeirim, with an exemplary wine making and bottling facility.
Falua’s main focus is to produce premium commercial wines within the Tejo region for international markets.
The winery was enlarged and comprises 9.000 square meters having a modern vinification technology, a bottling area and cellars with approximately 2000 French, American and Portuguese oak barrels used for ageing the wines.

The construction of the winery in Estremoz  began this year. At the winery Vila Santa, the modern is harmoniously combined with the best Portuguese wine-growing tradition, and part of the grapes for more sophisticated wines are still foot trodden.

The first harvest dates from 1992 and in the following years the wine was produced in rented buildings. In 1997 vinification took place in the new estate for the first time.

João Portugal Ramos chose Estremoz to make his own wines, after a long career as consultant winemaker in the main wine-growing regions of Portugal.

In 1990 João Portugal Ramos started his personal project by planting the first 5 hectares of vineyards in Estremoz, where he lives since 1988.

Benefiting from the gained knowledge, João Portugal Ramos established Consulvinus at the end of the 80´s with the aim of attending to the various requests from several producers all over the country. In this way, from 1989 onwards Consulvinus extended its activity beyond the Alentejo region to Tejo, Península de Setúbal, Dão, Beiras, Estremadura and Douro. João Portugal Ramos participated in the development of distinguished Portuguese wines and revitalized regions that were sinking to oblivion by wine-lovers and consumers. The successes achieved and prizes won by these wines throughout his career brought him national and international acclaim as one of the main figures responsible for the development of Portuguese wines.
Quinta de Foz de Arouce estate in Lousã, Beira Baixa became part of the group. Here, João Portugal Ramos is  responsible for the production and distribution of the wines produced in the estate, which is owned by his father-in-law Count of Foz de Arouce.
Born into a family with a long history of wine production, João Portugal Ramos obtained a degree in agronomy from the Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon. After a period of training at the National Viticulture Studies Centre in Dois Portos, in 1980 he began his career as an oenologist in the Alentejo region.


João Portugal Ramos Family Estates is implementing a strategy of sustainable development, a very important issue nowadays.

We have to act responsible, not only taking into account the world natural resources but also answering positively to the needs of our communities (clients,employees,suppliers,etc....).

João Portugal Ramos Family Estates has taken into consideration sustainability based not only in a profitable enterprise but also one that takes into account the environmental and social aspects. In fact the group takes sustainability into consideration in all its decision, in a permanently search for efficiency. This process starts in the vineyards through integrated agriculture and biological vine , ending in post consuption. There is always a concern about bottle waste after consumption with recycling.

In 2012 the group developed a partnership with NNF and International consultants, with the aim of implementing the framework from The Natural Step (TNS). TNS is a world reference in "system thinking of sustainable innovation" applied to the value chain of business adopted by several known multinationals.

João Portugal Ramos Family Estates has created a compelling sustainable vision of its business and as a consequence is now facing a tremendous challenge and is also determined to protect the environment for the next generations.




Our purpose is to be a reference for Portuguese wines at international

level by conferring a particular identity to different wines in which

consumers can rely on.



We wish to offer all our clients in different countries wines

that best represent each Portuguese region and are a quality symbol

of our products from Alentejo, Tejo, Beiras, Douro and Vinho Verde.

Social Responsibility

A permanent concern with all those surrounding us at social, economic and environmental level.
Maintaining a high level of satisfaction of all our employees in the various regions where we are present.
João Portugal Ramos Family Estates is also involved in supporting different local
institutions as well as others humanitarian organizations.
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